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Vaadin Newsletter June-July 2017


Framework 8.1 coming up with components in Grid, TreeGrid, OSGi and D&D 

The long awaited enhancements for Vaadin Framework 8 are getting ready. During the beta period, we have fixed a number of issues in both old and new features and the final version is just around the corner. It would be great if you could try out the 8.1.0.beta3 version and report of the possible remaining issues.

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Write web apps in plain Kotlin

Kotlin is the most trending JVM language right now, and for a reason! It’s nowadays supported in Android development, and what’s best, it works well with Vaadin! It borrows some modern features from languages like Scala, but still maintains the level of Java’s fast tooling. There are also a couple of community efforts to make the integration even better with Vaadin-DSLs. Read more in the Vaadin documentation.

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Save the Date: Vaadin Dev Day  

Make sure you don’t miss the future Vaadin Dev Day trainings near you. Take a look at the calendar and reserve your seat early. Here is what’s coming up:

Europe 2017

  • Warsaw, September 19
  • Budapest, September 21
  • London, December 12
  • Hamburg, December 14

 North America 2017

  • New York, October 31
  • Montreal, November 2

The fully customizable In-House Training is out!

We are proud to announce the launch of our new and fully customizable Vaadin In-House Training. The live and Vaadin Expert-led training structure allows you to tailor the structure of the training to your own team’s needs. Improve the skillset of up to 16 participants from your team in the location of your choice. Sign up for in-house trainings before the end of July and get a 10% release discount – no matter when you actually have your training.  Read more »


Webinar: Web Development with Kotlin

Join the upcoming webinar, July 13th, on Vaadin and Kotlin and learn the latest about how to use Kotlin in Vaadin development.  Read more »


Sep 11th - 15th Zürich, Switzerland    
Sep 18th - 19th
Berlin, Germany 
Oct 17th - 18th San Jose, US   

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